Retrieval Practice Quizzes

These quizzes can be used in class, as homework or for self-study. They are aimed at Year 12 and Year 13 students taking any A Level chemistry course – the number of the quiz approximates to the week in the school year. Therefore, don’t take Year 12 quiz 10 if you are only at the start of Year 12! Of course Year 13 students can take any Year 12 quiz – and should! Answers are provided at the end of each quiz.

How should you be using retrieval practice quizzes for A Level Chemistry? The key to this approach is to use the quizzes little and often, all the way through your A Level course. The aim is not to get everything right and you should not be looking at your notes –  or anything, other than your trusty periodic table and calculator – to help you. 

When you’ve gone through the quiz and answered as much as you can, check the answers carefully. If you had no idea at all, prioritise this topic next time you revise. If it was familiar but you missed some key details, you still need to go over that topic but it can be less of a priority.

Year 12 quizzes

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