Introducing… Cation Club! (For students who want to make a positive difference)

Yes, it’s a nerdy name – but what do you expect for a chemistry revision club?

Of all the students I teach and tutor, the ones that make the most progress are those who consistently put in the effort, week on week. They don’t cram at the last minute and they don’t try to get away with just the bare minimum of homework.

So this year, I’m launching a special, free ‘club’ for chemistry A Level students to help give you access to regular revision materials, practice questions and other activities to keep you motivated through the year.

Who is Cation Club for?

Cation Club is for current students of A Level or IB chemistry who want a little extra help structuring their revision and independent study. In particular, it will suit students who are aiming for high grades but EVERY student will benefit from more regular, focused practice. There is an option to sign up for Year 12 or Year 13, and all activities and resources are designed so that they are suitable for any exam board (there are very few differences in content between them!).

Teachers are also welcome to sign up if you would like to use the activities with your classes – all I ask is that you don’t alter them or pass them off as your own elsewhere!

How does it work?

Simply sign up using an email address you regularly check. Each month, you will receive 5 or 6 emails containing links to a range of different resources – practice questions, flashcards, quizzes, summary notes or links to videos. These will be designed to follow your course content through the year. Everything will include mark schemes or explanations.

What topics do you cover?

Each email will be linked to a particular focus, meaning that each month you will receive one activity from each of the following categories:

  • Retrieval practice: activities to help learn and memorise important content
  • Organic chemistry: focus on reactions, mechanisms, synthesis etc.
  • Calculations: challenging calculation examples with step by step solutions
  • Practical chemistry: practical techniques linked to core practicals and exam questions
  • Synoptic: activities to help you make links between topic areas
  • Mindset: activities, ideas and inspiration to help you build confidence, get organised and improve study techniques

Can I sign up for both years?

If you are in Year 12, you definitely don’t want to worry about second year content yet. If you are in Year 13, the material you receive will be recapping last year’s content. In theory you could sign up for both years, but it’s better to stick to one as you’ll just end up drowning in emails otherwise!

What’s the catch?

Why am I going to this effort for free? Well, the reason it’s useful for you is the same reason it’s useful for me – it gives me a schedule to work to for making resources that I can put on my website, otherwise I also tend to get distracted and caught up in other stuff (I’m only human after all).

As well as the regular monthly emails, you might occasionally get emails about other stuff – paid resources, easter revision classes or online courses – but these will only be things related to chemistry and I promise not to spam you!

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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