A Level Chemistry Masterclasses are back!

I am bringing back my A Level chemistry masterclasses for the third year, and as ever I’ve made a few changes to make them even better for students. This year they will be starting earlier, in November – ideal for students preparing for mock exams or finding the transition from GCSE to A Level chemistry a challenge. I’ll also be splitting groups into Year 12 and Year 13 so we can address issues specific to each year.

The classes will run in half term blocks, paid in advance, with class sizes limited to a maximum of 12 students. In reality, the classes can often be smaller than this and students therefore have the opportunity to ask questions as much as they like during the class. The classes will also be recorded, with an option to sign just for the recordings coming soon. You can book using the buttons on this page, or to help you decide whether masterclasses are right for you, I’ve answered some questions you might have below.

What are chemistry masterclasses?

Chemistry masterclasses are a programme of carefully planned online lessons delivered in small groups. In order to help students get as much as possible out of the class, each week they’ll get a topic checklist, set of practice questions with answers and other revision materials. The live group class then covers more challenging examples and important exam technique and gives students a chance to ask questions – questions can be about the examples in the class, practice questions or any other problems in that topic area.

How are they run?

The group classes run on Zoom with students’ cameras and microphones off. There are lots of opportunities to interact and ask questions via the chat, and students can unmute their microphones if they want to verbally ask questions – so long as they are okay with being recorded. The other lesson materials, as well as the class materials, are available through the CK Chemistry website.

When are the classes?

The classes are on Monday evenings, 5.30 pm for Year 12 students and 6.30 pm for year 13 students. The first class starts on Monday 13th November and the first unit runs for six weeks. If you want to join the live classes but there are one or two dates you can’t make, recordings access will be available after the class.

What do you cover?

For the first Year 13 unit, we will be covering the most essential content from year 12 – atomic structure, periodic trends, calculations, bonding and structure, organic mechanisms, redox and enthalpy changes. For future units after Christmas, students will also be able to vote for the topics they would most like to go over.

For the first Year 12 unit, we will be covering chemistry topics from the start of the A Level and also those topics that are most essential for making a smooth transition from GCSE. These will include mole calculations, bonding and structure, intermolecular forces, atomic structure, periodic trends and key practical techniques.

Who are they suitable for?

Any student taking A Level chemistry will benefit from these classes, particularly those who may have been thinking about online tuition but are worried about the cost. Students who will get the most benefit are those that are motivated to succeed and willing to put in the time in on practice materials before classes. Because the masterclasses will be focusing on higher level exam technique and challenging examples, they will particularly suit students aiming for A/A* grades.

For the lessons before Christmas, the classes will be suitable for students from all the major exam boards, including International A Level. As we move into more specialised topics in the New Year we will most likely split classes by exam board.

What if I book and change my mind?

If you book and decide to cancel within 48 hours of the first masterclass you are entitled to a full refund. If you try the first class and then decide not to continue you will receive a refund minus the cost of one class. I do not offer free trial classes for two reasons – firstly, I already offer a lot of free content via my website, weekly email and YouTube channel. Second, students are unlikely to gain any real benefit from dropping in and out of free trial lessons – to see real results I would like students who are committed to their studies and keeping the same students each week minimises disruption to others.

How much are they and how do I book?

The classes cost £72 for a six week package, which works out as £12 per lesson including the revision materials. I have kept this price low in order to help more students in difficult financial times, so am unable to offer a further discount. However, a reduced price option which allows access to the class recordings only will also be available from the beginning of November, before the first class. Bookings for the recordings will not be limited but of course bookings for live classes are, so make sure you book ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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