Chemistry A Level revision packages for students starting Year 13

We all start the year with good intentions, but it’s hard to keep up with everything and Year 13 students often find themselves facing A Level mock exams without having given proper time for preparation. When you revise for mock exams in Chemistry, you will mostly be examined on Year 12 content as you won’t have yet covered much of Year 13. Not only that, but all your Year 13 content depends heavily on what you learned last year.

To give yourself a great start, I’m offering access to the recordings and revision materials for last year’s Year 12 masterclasses at a discounted rate of just £29. There are ten topics in the package:

  • Atomic structure and the periodic table
  • Calculations 1: gas volumes
  • Calculations 2: solutions and titrations
  • Bonding, structure and intermolecular forces
  • Energy changes and Hess’ Law
  • Acids, bases and chemical equations
  • Redox 1
  • Organic mechanisms 1
  • Organic analysis 1
  • Kinetics and equilibria 1

Each one includes a topic checklist, set of practice questions and an hour long recorded lesson that goes into the details of exam technique and walkthroughs of challenging questions for that topic. There are also links to other useful videos, notes and websites.

To take advantage of this offer, sign up below:

Interested in this year’s group A Level classes?

This year I’ll be running small group revision classes for OCR A and AQA A Level chemistry again, with prices at just £12 per class including revision materials and access to recordings and predicted papers. If you’d like more information about these, use the form below and I will contact you shortly!

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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