AQA Chemistry A Level – Predicted Paper Downloads now available for 2024

What took me so long?

I’ve had a lot of people asking when the predicted papers will be ready this year… It’s nice to be popular, but I’ll admit I wanted to get these out earlier. Basically I’ve been dealing with some very annoying health issues since Christmas, and of course whenever I’ve been ill or recovering I’ve prioritised keeping my one to one and group classes going with as little disruption as possible, but this has had a knock-on effect on other projects like YouTube videos and predicted papers. So basically, if you want to blame anyone, blame my gall bladder!

As it is, Paper 1 and 2 are available to download right now, and Paper 3 will be available in a couple of weeks. I have prioritised the first two papers for each exam board so they are available in the order you will do them – it’s good to try all three before Paper 1 though, as in the past I’ve made a prediction for Paper 3 that came up in Paper 1! You’ll also find the last two years of predicted papers, which are very useful unseen practice papers, and you can purchase all 6 as a discounted set along with my extended response question practice booklet.

What are predicted papers?

A predicted paper is a full exam paper written in the style of the exams you will sit in the summer. All the questions are brand new material, not copied from other exams. In order to write the paper, I spend hours trawling through the papers from the last five years and the specification itself to predict the kinds of questions that will come up. I also get teachers to check them for me (it’s difficult to catch all the typos).

How do you know what will come up?

I don’t! But having taught and tutored AQA chemistry for twenty years, I’ve just got a good feel for exam questions and I think it’s important that students get as much ‘proper’ exam practice as possible before the exam. I also have another set of practice papers available, which are predicted papers from last year so another whole unique set of questions, as well as a set of 22 ‘extended response’ questions for AQA.

Do they have mark schemes?

Yes, all predicted and practice papers come with a mark scheme including workings for the calculations. Because the papers have not been ‘sat’ by students the mark schemes might not contain every possible answer variation (real mark schemes get revised by a huge group of examiners!). But they do include words to avoid or that will lose you marks as well as the ‘ideal’ answers. If you want more detail than the mark schemes, you might be interested in the revision masterclasses mentioned below.

Coming soon for 2024 as well – I will be making full exam walkthroughs for a small add on cost! Watch your emails to find out when these are available!

Whole A Level revision package for AQA Chemistry

If you want more support with revising for AQA A Level chemistry, you can also take advantage of my whole A Level masterclass revision package. This package includes 22 classes which cover all the main topics at A Level. Each class comes with topic checklists and practice questions, along with an hour’s recorded lesson going through the most important exam technique and walking through challenging example questions. If you download any of my predicted papers you will get a link and a coupon code that gives you 10% off these classes – find it at the end of the paper!

Half term revision course for AQA A Level Chemistry

Struggling with revision and need a boost? Looking to secure an A/A* grade for your university place? My one day revision courses in half term are the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming exams and make sure you have everything covered. Half term revision courses include the following:

  • A full day (6 hours) of online tuition and exam preparation in small groups
  • All predicted papers, practice papers, extended response booklet and walkthroughs
  • The full A Level chemistry revision package as detailed above, with 22 recorded exam masterclasses, revision checklists and practice questions

Click the link below to find out about half term revision courses for AQA A Level chemistry.

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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