New Online Course: Confidence in Chemical Calculations

I’m pleased to announce that my new online course, Confidence in Chemical Calculations, is now live and available to book! The course covers in detail the ‘formula and amounts’ for A Level chemistry including the following modules:

  • Types of reaction and equations
  • RAM and RFM
  • Moles, empirical and molecular formulae
  • Reacting mass, percentage yield and atom economy
  • Molar volume and ideal gas calculations
  • Avogadro’s, standard form and units
  • Solutions and titrations
  • Challenging examples and unstructured questions

Every module includes detailed videos with lots of worked examples, followed by practice questions that gradually increase in difficulty. All the practice questions include worked answers, with the most challenging examples including video walkthrough answers so you can really understand how the marks are obtained. Each module also includes a self assessment quiz.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is aimed at A Level and IB chemistry students and is suitable for all exam boards – the formula and amounts part of A Level is the same across different syllabuses. The course is for you if:

  • You have covered the calculations part of the course but found it moved on very quickly and you struggle to apply your knowledge to the questions in tests and exams
  • You missed some of the calculations content, or missed some of the course at GCSE
  • You want to go over the calculations again at your own pace, with more detailed feedback on how to work on a range of different calculations
  • You are aiming for A/A* grade and feel like you often miss marks in longer, more challenging calculation questions

How is it different from using websites like YouTube and PMT?

You can of course find a lot of practice questions and videos on various websites. The idea of this course is to make sure everything is covered, in detail, by an experienced and specialised chemistry teacher. The three main benefits of using the course are:

  • Saving time by having everything in the same place and having a set list of modules to work through, making sure you cover everything
  • Having clear worked examples and, for many questions, video examples to explain the steps in detail
  • The option to ask questions – there is a discussion option for every single lesson in the course.

What support is provided?

As mentioned above, you’re not just left alone with the videos and worksheets when you book. You get access to the course materials for as long as you need, and any time you have a question or don’t understand it you can ask a question in the discussion section.

If you want even more support, there is limited availability for students who book on the course to add on 90 minutes of one to one tuition for just £45. This tuition is valid for two months from the date of booking and you can arrange it when you feel you need it and however you want – 90 minutes in one go, three 30 minute sessions or two 45 minutes sessions.

To arrange for extra tuition to be added – or to ask any other questions you might have about the course – just email me:

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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