What should I revise for AQA A Level chemistry Paper 1 (2024)?

In preparation for the summer exams, I’m writing a short series of blog posts to help students plan their last few weeks of revision more effectively. In this post, we’ll look at the content for AQA A Level chemistry Paper 1, including the topics that always come up, predictions for 2024, and common areas that students find difficult.

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Topics included in A Level chemistry AQA Paper 1

Paper 1 focuses on physical and inorganic chemistry; You can get a comprehensive list of topics on the AQA website, but the topics that can be covered are:

  • Atomic structure
  • Amount of substance (mole calculations)
  • Bonding
  • Energetics (ΔH calculations, Hess’ Law)
  • Equilibrium (Kc and Kp)
  • Redox (including electrochemical cells)
  • Thermodynamics (ΔS, ΔG)
  • Acids and bases (including Ka calculations)
  • Periodicity, groups 2 and 7 and period 3 elements
  • Transition metals and their reactions

What are the most common topics for AQA chemistry A level Paper 1?

There are certain topics and types of question that are GUARANTEED to come up and you should know these well, including:

  • Born Haber cycles
  • Atomic structure and mass spec time of flight calculations
  • Reactions of period 3 elements
  • Reactions of transition metals
  • pH calculations
  • Some sort of Kc or Kp calculation
  • A titration (could be acid base or redox)

Predictions for AQA chemistry A Level Paper 1 2024?

Looking through past papers, I have a few extra predictions that you should focus on for this year’s paper:

  • General properties of transition metals – definitions and catalysis
  • Le Chatelier’s principle and how it links to Kc/Kp value
  • Melting point and ionisation energy trends across period 3
  • Enthalpy change definitions, bond enthalpy calculations
  • Kw calculations – pH of mixtures

The video below summarises my predictions for AQA A Level chemistry paper 1 for 2024 – remember these are just educated guesses, so make sure you revise thoroughly and check out the predicted papers and revision classes if you’d like some more support!

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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