“Claire is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful tutor. I’ve had a weekly session with Claire since the start of year 12 and she has helped me achieve the predicted grade in A-level Chemistry needed to study Medicine next year. Claire has always been very patient with me, especially when explaining difficult concepts. I’ve noticed a massive change in my grades and knowledge since having Claire, I also feel a lot more confident to sit my exams! Claire creates a really stimulating learning environment that has allowed me to develop a passion for chemistry. Thank you!” - Martha (got into Exeter for medicine!)

“When I was in year 13 I had Claire for 1 session a week to help me boost my A level Chemistry grade from a predicted B/C to an A so that I could study Veterinary Medicine at uni… I wasn’t the easiest pupil but Claire was so patient and helpful, I learnt so much and really benefited from the 1 to 1 sessions. Claire also gave me loads of past papers which were a massive help during revision – a few of these questions even popped up in my exam! Towards the end of the year other pupils and my teachers noticed a big change in my learning. Thanks to Claire I got the A I needed and I am now studying Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. Thank you!” – Cassie

“…Claire provided not just fantastic teaching but also a lot of motivation. Her teaching had a lot of positive reinforcement so I found that by the end, I had gained the confidence in my abilities that I had lost. I am also really pleased that I didn’t feel like I was just being taught the specification but taught genuinely helpful methods to answer questions. Quite different to just watching some YouYube videos. By the end, I had also started to achieve my target grade of an A in practice papers. As someone who was unsure about tutoring and had trials with some online tutors, I am very grateful to Claire.” – Didi, A Level chemistry student

“Claire gets things across really well. She explains things in a clear and easy to understand way in everything she teaches you. She is very patient and doesn’t mind taking time over things. She creates a relaxed environment that allows information to soak in.” – Joe, year 10 pupil

“Claire is lovely and super helpful, she’s made me feel a lot more confident about A-level chemistry.” – Lexie, Year 13 student

“Claire tutored our daughter for her Chemistry GCSE and we are very impressed with how much it has helped. Claire’s approach is very thorough and she took our daughter through many exam questions, giving her the confidence and knowledge to sit an exam. We would very definitely recommend Claire as a tutor.” – Karen L, parent