New Year, New Chemistry Content!

It’s a New Year, and the last few months went by incredibly fast! No doubt, whether you are a student or a teacher you have found the same thing – the autumn term is always packed and many classes get through half the content for the entire academic year in those first four months.

The problem with the year going by so fast is that we spend so much time completing all the urgent tasks that we tend to forget about the bigger picture. I know that I neglected my website content because I was so swamped with teaching, tutoring and working on other people’s projects. I also know that many of my students failed to ‘get round to’ the long term revision and retrieval practice they need for A Level and IB Chemistry – always instead cramming for the next topic test at the last minute.

With this in mind, in my next venture I aim to provide more regular, bite-sized revision tips and resources to help keep students motivated – and I’ve decided the best platform to use for this is Instagram.

Follow CK Chemistry on Instagram for regular Chemistry content, tailored to students of all A Level specifications (and IB). You can look forward to the following:

Multiple Choice Monday:

Many of my students struggle with Multiple Choice questions and don’t get enough practice. Every Monday I’ll post a different question, followed by a video explaining which is the right answer and how not to get caught out by the wrong answers!

Top Tips Tuesday:

Every alternate Tuesday I’ll post a video aimed at improving your exam technique. It could be about avoiding errors, interpreting questions or improving your chemistry vocabulary.

Fix It Friday:

Every alternate Friday I’ll post an example of common errors that students make in exam questions or practical work. Once you’ve had a chance to spot the errors for yourself, I’ll post a video with the answers so you can see if you missed any.

Other content:

At the same time, I’ll also be updating my website content with more quizzes, practice questions and videos, as well as study tips to keep your revision on track.

Email newsletter:

I’ll post any updates on Instagram, but in case you miss anything why not sign up for my regular email newsletter? I’ll include new content, recommendations for other websites, study tips and other updates so you’ll have everything in one place.

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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