Mince Pies and MCQs – Festive Christmas Quiz!

Feeling confident in your A Level chemistry? Don’t worry if not, it’s multiple choice!

You can also download a pdf version if you prefer – this is where you will also find the answers and explanations.

1. A typical snowflake has a mass of around 3 mg. Within the ice crystals, each water molecule forms hydrogen bonds with four other water molecules. Approximately how many hydrogen bonds are there in a snowflake?

A. 1 x 1020

B. 4 x 1020

C. 2.5 x1019

D. 6.7 x 10-4

2. The polymer polylactic acid, shown below, is often used to make biodegradable artificial snow. What is the Mr of the monomer used to make polylactic acid?

A. 74

B. 72

C. 88

D. 90

3. Cinnamaldehyde is the main chemical responsible for the scent and flavour of cinnamon. The structure of cinnamaldehyde is shown. If cinnamon bark contains 85% cinnamaldehyde, what mass of bromine will react with 5 grams of cinnamon bark (without presence of heat, a catalyst or UV light)?

A. 2.57 g

B. 5.14 g

C. 20.58 g

D. 4.25 g

4. What is the relative atomic mass of a sample of Holmium (to 2 decimal places) given the information about isotopic composition shown in the table?         

A. 164.97

B. 164.91

C. 164.92

D. 166.11

5. A 4.5 kg turkey is heated in a gas oven. The oven burns 57 grams of methane during cooking and the efficiency of heat transfer is 28%. If the turkey increases in temperature by 70°C and the enthalpy of combustion for methane is 890 kJmol-1, what is the specific heat capacity of the turkey in Jg-1K-1?

A. 2.82

B. 35.9

C. 18.0

D. 4.51

6. Which of these compounds would not give either a red or green result in a flame test?

A. Barium chloride

B. Lithium nitrate

C. Magnesium sulfate

D. Strontium chloride

7. Tyramine is a toxic chemical found in mistletoe. Its structure is shown below. Which of these reagents will not react with tyramine?

A. Aqueous sodium hydroxide

B. Dilute aqueous hydrochloric acid

C. Acidified potassium dichromate under reflux

D. Aqueous bromine

8. Allyl isothiocyanate is the compound responsible for the bitter taste of sprouts. The skeletal formula is shown below. Which statement about this compound is not true?

A. It contains equal numbers of carbon and hydrogen atoms

B. The C-N=C bond angle is around 118°

C. It contains three ? bonds

D. It is unsaturated


Make a Christmas word, song title or message using only element symbols.

Example: FRaNKInCeNSe

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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