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What are chemistry masterclasses?

Chemistry masterclasses are a programme of carefully planned online lessons delivered in small groups. In order to help students get as much as possible out of the class, each week they’ll get a topic checklist, set of practice questions with answers and other revision materials. The live group class then covers more challenging examples and important exam technique and gives students a chance to ask questions – questions can be about the examples in the class, practice questions or any other problems in that topic area.

The classes are recorded so students can catch up if they miss a lesson or want to rewatch it, and materials are provided on the website for as long as you need to help prepare for your exams.

What topics will you cover?

For Year 13, there will be five classes before February half term which will cover: alcohols and carbonyls, equilibria, kinetics (rates of reaction), organic analysis and energetics (enthalpy changes). If you missed the first half term of chemistry masterclasses you will be able to also access the recordings and materials for all six classes for just £10 (atomic structure, titrations, organic mechanisms, bonding and structure, redox and energetics 1).

For Year 12, the five classes will cover: atomic structure, mass and ideal gas calculations, acids, bases and chemical equations, bonding and structure, solutions and titrations. Although some of the topics are similar to the Year 13 classes, we will take it at a slower pace in more detail since you are just at the start of A Levels.

New year, time to get on top of your chemistry revision and exam technique?

A Level masterclasses are perfect for students who are motivated but want some extra support to attain the higher grades. From January I’ll be running the live classes according to the following schedule:

Who are they suitable for?

Any student taking A Level chemistry will benefit from these classes, particularly those who may have been thinking about online tuition but are worried about the cost. Students who will get the most benefit are those that are motivated to succeed and willing to put in the time in on practice materials before classes. Because the masterclasses will be focusing on higher level exam technique and challenging examples, they will particularly suit students aiming for A/A* grades.

If you are in Year 13 but not taking AQA or OCR A, you will still be able to get a lot out of the classes – just email me to tell me your exam board and I will suggest the most appropriate masterclasses to book.

How much are they and how do I book?

The cost for the five half term lessons is £60, which works out at just £12 per class. In addition, you can add on access to the recordings of the previous 6 masterclass lessons for just £10 extra (you will receive this option via email after booking).

To book, choose the correct option from below. If you have any more questions, you can email me:

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