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Last week I posted about the best online resources for A Level chemistry students, but I know that all the useful websites and YouTube videos in the world won’t help a student who just doesn’t know where to start.

This is a very uncertain time for A Level students in all subjects – Year 13 pupils are wondering whether they did ‘enough’ before the lockdown for their teachers to award the grade they aspired to; meanwhile, most Year 12s are not sure when or in what capacity they’ll be able to return to school and when they will be able to to take the all-important mock exams that determine their University entrance predictions.

Uncertainty is demoralising and demotivating, and chemistry is already hard enough. Coupled with the fact that a good chemistry grade is often a key requirement for entrance into highly competitive degrees such as medicine, and students across the country are under a lot of pressure right now. So I thought to myself – (in the words of the star of one of my current box set binges) – how can I help?

How can I help?

21 Day A Level Chemistry ‘Boot Camp’

This free online ‘event’ is aimed particularly at Year 12 students looking to improve their understanding, exam technique, motivation and study habits. Students will receive a range of resources straight to their inboxes – tutorial videos, practice questions (with detailed explanations of the answers), study tips and daily challenges. At the end of every week there will be a live online Q&A session to deal with any issues that arose when completing the weekly assignments.

Already heard enough? Sign up for free here:

More questions? I’ve tried to answer them for you below. 

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for students coming to the end of their first year of A Level chemistry, and also any students at the end of their second year who think they need to (re)take their A Level exams in the autumn. The materials will be graded in difficulty, so students can work at the most appropriate grade for them.

What topics will you cover?

I have chosen topics common to all exam boards (including IB) and that are commonly taught in the first year of A Level, with a focus on areas students often struggle with. The main topics covered will be:

  • Formulae and amounts (especially difficult titration calculations)
  • Energy changes and Hess’ Law
  • Bonding, structure and intermolecular forces
  • Redox, half-equations and ionic equations
  • Organic chemistry (with a focus on mechanisms)
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Alongside the main topics, we will practice applying these topics to more challenging exam questions and focus on where different topics link together. Regular study tips and challenges will focus on building resilience, growth mindset and positive habits to foster independent learning.

That sounds like a lot for three weeks! How much time do I need to commit?

To really gain a lot from the course, I would recommend an average of an hour a day. However, any amount of work on the activities will move you forward and you may find you want to focus on just one or two of the topics that you need to work on the most. All of the resources will continue to be available to you for free after the course is finished.

woman exercising
Drop and give me twenty! (Titration calculations) (Image by Vivian Hylkema from Pixabay)

How is it different from just going through free stuff already online?

It is perfectly possible (and recommended) to learn and revise independently online, using websites, videos and practice questions (have a look at last week’s blog for the best places to access these). But having an organised programme of activities removes the stress and overwhelm of trying to decide where to start with your online learning. 

By being part of an online event, you are far more likely to ‘show up’ to your study sessions. You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and be given advice on how to continue learning independently and efficiently once the course is over.

What’s in it for you?

Good question – no one does anything for nothing, right? 

Although I’ve been teaching and tutoring chemistry for fifteen years, I have mostly been tutoring local students face to face. Current events mean I’ve lost all the students that were in the final year of their courses, and I have more time to develop my online teaching and tutoring. 

Naturally I would love it if some of the students I help on this course choose to take up one of my paid-for, personalised study programmes or one-to-one tuition, but I understand that most students will not be in a position to do that so I promise not to constantly give you the ‘hard-sell’ and take time out of your learning to promote my other services – I HATE it when online course providers do this!

By running a large course like this I get to reach, and help, a lot of students at the same time – something that all teachers dream of (we’re pretty egocentric). In the mean-time, if all you give me in return is a like, a share or a positive review it all adds up to helping me out.

If you’ve decided it may be for you after all, sign up below. If you can think of anyone who you think might benefit, please share! If you have any further questions please contact me.

Anyone who does attend the course will receive priority booking and discounts on one-to-one tuition too – because every tutor wants to take on students who are willing to put some of the work in themselves!

Claire Costello-Kelly

Claire Costello-Kelly

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