Formulae of ions

CompoundFormula of cationFormula of anion
Sodium nitrideNa+N3-
Magnesium oxideMg2+O2-
Calcium nitrateCa2+NO3
Aluminium hydroxideAl3+OH
Lithium carbonateLi+CO32-
Iron (III) chlorideFe3+Cl
Copper (I) nitrideCu+N3-

Names from formulae

  1. Iron (III) hydroxide
  2. Sodium carbonate
  3. Lithium nitrate
  4. Aluminium oxide
  5. Iron (III) oxide
  6. Manganes (II) oxide
  7. Nickel (II) sulfate
  8. Sodium hydride

Formulae from names

  1. Li2CO3
  2. AlI3
  3. NH4OH
  4. Na2SO4
  5. Fe(NO3)2
  6. MgF2
  7. Ca3N2
  8. Sr(OH)2
  9. Cu2CO3
  10. CaS
  11. Al(NO3)3
  12. V2O5
  13. TiCl4

Types of reaction answers

Types of equation answers

Chemical calculations answers

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