Edexcel A Level Chemistry – Full Masterclass Revision Package

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This will prepare you for your A Level chemistry exams with practice questions, problem walkthroughs, exam technique and detailed tutorials. Boost your grade – particularly suitable for those aiming for A*-B grade. There are 23 topics covered in total – each class includes topic checklist, revision questions and then an hour’s tutorial focusing on exam technique and more challenging example exam questions.

Topics included are:

  • Atomic Structure and Ionisation Energy
  • Calculations and gas volumes
  • Titrations and Solution Calculations
  • Organic chemistry: isomers and naming compounds
  • Organic Reaction Mechanisms (part 1)
  • Bonding, Structure and Intermolecular Forces
  • Redox and Periodic Trends
  • Enthalpy Changes (part 1 – calculating enthalpy changes and Hess’ Law)
  • Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones
  • Chemical equilibrium (part 1 – Le Chatelier and Kc)
  • Kinetics (part 1 – Collision theory and the rate equation)
  • Organic analysis (part 1 – combustion, IR and mass spec)
  • Energetics (part 2 – Born Haber cycles, entropy and lattice enthalpy)
  • Kinetics (part 2 – Maxwell Boltzmann, Arrhenius, catalysis and rates experiments)
  • Equilibrium (part 2 – more complex Kc and Kp calculations)
  • Amines and arenes
  • Acid-base Equilibria
  • Redox and Electrochemical Cells
  • Organic mechanisms (part 2)
  • Transition metals
  • Organic analysis 2 (NMR and combined analysis)
  • Redox titrations
  • Organic synthesis

Atomic structure and ionisation energy

Atomic structure, mass spectra, ionisation energy and periodic trends


Topic checklist Practice questions Answers to practice questions Class Recording

Calculations and gas volume

Titrations and solution calculations

Introductory organic: isomers and naming compounds

Organic reaction mechanisms 1

Bonding, structure and intermolecular forces

Redox and periodic trends

Enthalpy changes 1

Alcohols, aldehydes and ketones

Chemical equilibrium 1

Kinetics 1

Organic analysis 1

Energetics 2

Kinetics 2

Equilibria 2 (Kp)

Amines and arenes

Acid base equilibria

Redox and electrochemical cells

Organic mechanisms 2

Transition metals

Organic analysis 2

Redox titrations

Organic synthesis

Edexcel A Level Chemistry – Full Masterclass Revision Package