Confidence in Chemistry Calculations – Teacher Edition

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This is the teacher edition of my confidence in chemistry calculations course. As well as including all the videos, worksheets and walkthroughs from the student course, the final module contains all the powerpoint files I used for the videos on the course so you can adapt and use them for your teaching.

Essential equations and formulae

This module gives an overview of most important types of reaction covered at GCSE (including combustion, precipitation, neutralisation and redox) and how they link to the three main types of equation: – full symbol equations, ionic equations and half equations. There are tips on how to balance different types of equation and how to construct the main examples for ionic and half equations.


Video: chemical formulae Video: reaction types Video: ionic equations Video: redox and half equations Practice questions: reactions and equations Self assessment quiz

Relative atomic mass and formula mass

Moles, Mr, empirical and molecular formulae

Reacting mass, percentage yield and atom economy

Molar volume and ideal gas calculations

Molar volume is the volume of one mole of gas under standard conditions – this module will look at how gas volume calculations differ from reacting mass calculations, as well as working through calculations using the ideal gas equation.


Video: molar gas volume Practice questions: molar gas volume Video: ideal gas equation basics Video: applying the ideal gas equation Practice questions: ideal gas equation Self assessment quiz

Solutions and titration calculations

Avogadro, standard form and unit conversions

In this module we look at some important areas of calculations that can get missed out – working with Avogadro’s constant, converting between common units and also working with standard form, decimal places and significant figures.


Video: moles and the Avogadro constant Video: common units and standard form Video: decimal places and significant figures Practice questions: units, Avogadro and standard form Self assessment quiz

Long answer problems and walkthroughs

In this module you get a change to practice more challenging calculations, which draw on skills from all the previous modules. All these examples have video walkthroughs so you can see where the marks are obtained. Remember to try the calculations first though without any help, as this is where you will get the most benefit.


Harder calculations: example 1 Harder calculations: example 2 Harder calculations: example 3 Harder calculations: example 4 Harder calculations: percentage mass using redox titrations Mixed multiple choice questions

Teaching Materials

Confidence in Chemistry Calculations – Teacher Edition