A Level Chemistry Masterclasses: Year 12

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This will give you a great start to your A Levels with live small group tutorials every week, along with specific activities, practice questions and materials to help the transition from GCSE. Boost your grade – particularly suitable for those aiming for A/A* grade.

The course includes six live group lessons between 19th February and 26th March, with classes being held in small groups on Zoom on Monday evenings at 5.30pm. You can also watch the recordings and access materials from previous classes held before half term.

Week 1: Atomic structure and ionisation energy

Week 2: Ideal gas calculations

Week 3: Bonding and structure

Week 4: Solutions and titration calculations

Week 5: Shapes of molecules and intermolecular forces

Week 6: Acids, bases and chemical equations

Week 7: Enthalpy changes

Organic chemistry: isomers and naming compounds

Organic chemistry: mechanisms

A Level Chemistry Masterclasses: Year 12