Bonding, Structure and Intermolecular Forces

Videos on bonding

There are six videos below that provide an overview of bonding and structure, intermolecular forces and how to draw more complex dot and cross diagrams.

Overview of bonding and structure
Intermolecular forces

Dot and cross diagrams of ionic compounds

Dot and cross diagrams of larger molecules such as organic molecules

Dot and cross diagrams for elements that do not have eight electrons in their outer shell

Dot and cross diagrams for molecular ions such as sulfate, hydroxide etc.

Practice questions, downloads and notes

Practice questions: includes multiple choice, short answer and long answer, with the answers and explanations in videos below.

Types of structure and bonding: decide on the most likely bonding and structure given information about a range of substances.

Exam technique for bonding, structure and intermolecular forces – how to answer questions comparing melting point or solubility.

Deciding intermolecular forces – flow chart to decide on the strongest type of intermolecular force in a molecule.

Bonding, structure and the periodic table – full notes and explanations on the topic.

Bonding and intermolecular forces Quizlet flashcards

Video answers to practice questions

Question 1

Multiple Choice Questions 1-10

Multiple Choice Questions 1-10

Multiple Choice Questions 11-20

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